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R. Mack Babcock

Need to hire a Colorado workers’ compensation attorney to represent you?

Settling a workers’ compensation dispute in Colorado is a complicated and drawn-out process. In order to stand any chance of winning your case against your employer or their insurance company, you will need to hire a lawyer with plenty of experience, skill and knowledge. The Babcock Law Firm specializes in work injury cases and workers’ compensation disputes throughout the state, including Denver, Littleton, Aurora, Boulder, Lafayette, Broomfield and other Colorado cities. Colorado workers’ comp lawyer Mack Babcock belongs to several legal associations, including the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, the Workers' Compensation Educational Association and the Colorado Professionals in Workers' Compensation. He’s also included on Super Lawyers' 2010 list of "Rising Stars" in Colorado.

In addition to having numerous industry accreditations, we stand committed to providing the best representation to injured Colorado workers - as these client testimonials prove.

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There when nobody else. was.
Service: Workers Compensation
Description: Represented worker for denied claim for injuries to right shoulder resolving issues in the claim and obtaining payment to injured worker.
"I called 10 other law firms about my Workman's Comp case and was told on the phone that they could not help me. Stephanie, at Babcock, scheduled an appointment, and after our hour plus meeting, took my case. She explained the entire process up front and throughout the year that it took to resolve my case... always giving me all my options. She was tenacious and always honest about what was and could take place during the process. She was a strong advocate for me and brought my case to a resolution that got me the surgery I required and a more than fair disability settlement at the conclusion of my case. Never did I wait more than a few hours for her to respond to my queries during the year plus that the case took. Stephanie always made me feel as though I were her only client even over the holiday season. I most heartily recommend Stephanie Tucker and the Babcock law firm. They will go to bat for you during a process that is purposely intended to make it difficult for you to be successful in any litigation you attempt. Call them first: You will not regret the decision. Ralph Zerfas, Babcock client 8/2018 - 4/2020"
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5
They literately saved my life
Service: Workers Compensation
Description: Represented injured worker with complex head, neck and back injuries to obtain necessary medical care and finally receive a financial settlement.
"Can you imagine laying flat on the floor for months (to keep fluid in your brain) while awaiting surgery to fix a brain fluid leak? Can you imagine workers comp insurance refusing to approve a patch to fix your leaking brain fluid? And then can you imagine an attorney that comes in after months of suffering and saves your life by getting you the medical treatment you need? The workers compensation system is broken, but thank goodness the Babcock Law firm is there to help fight the injustices that are forced upon injured workers. From the start to the settling of the case, the Babcock Law Firm was professional, helpful, and literately life-saving. We will be forever grateful for their services."
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5
Worked for me
Service: Workers Compensation
Description: Retained following low back injury to over-the-road team truck driver to address issues and negotiate settlement.
"Stephanie and Aiden were very diligent and worked hard to get my case settled quickly and effectively. They kept in touch and kept me informed of every move they made. I highly recommend them for injured workers"
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5
Service: Workers Compensation
Description: Retained following shoulder injury. Objected to Final Admission and negotiated resolution.
"Very professional. Kept me informed of the process and where we were at in the case."
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5
Highly recommended
Service: Workers Compensation
Description: Retained by worker needing total knee replacement as a result of injury. Negotiated settlement.
"I can highly recommend the Babcock Law firm. They were very attentive, answered all of my questions and then took care of everything. I had nothing to worry about except getting better. The results were far better than i had expected. Thanks to them I can now get on with my life."
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5
Service: Workers Compensation
Description: Retained for representation for denied claim for injury to worker's low back. Negotiated settlement.
"David did an excellent job with what he had to deal with, everything is set up for the owner!"
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5
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